The Doge Project


0.03 ETH





Launch Date:

April 27, 2023

Following a sold out first drop, The Doge Project is opening up for its first PUBLIC MINT.

The Doge Project is revolutionizing the gaming experience, starting with delivering a one-of-a-kind exclusive & Decentralized Lottery (DeLot). With potential weekly prizes of $70k+ and growing as more collections are dropped - the Doge Project is the NFT project you've been waiting for! As an NFT holder, you'll have exclusive access to the DeLot, where you could win the jackpot each week.

This project enters during a time of web3 resurgence and is picked with collars with many projects, as well as a long roadmap.

Click on the discord link below and open a ticket for a chance to be whitelisted!

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