0.066 SOL





Launch Date:

May 18, 2022

Poodles is a collective of 444 hand-drawn, generative art. Inspired by Doodles. They are all randomly generated with attributes and built in ranking. You should definitely check Poodles out If you are looking for quality NFT project, You found right place! You can easily make some money by holding our NFTs.

We will be listing on Magiceden soon.Don't miss your chance to grab one!🚀

Whitelist Pre-Sale Early Access Pass

People who own these Early Access Pass (Pstokens) will be able to participate in the pre-sale and benefit from the discount.

444 unique Poodles wag tail in the Solana Blockchain.

18th May 5.50 PM UTC Presale 0.044 SOL18th May 6 PM UTC Public 0.066 SOL

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