DirectEd Lions


40 ADA





Launch Date:

April 21, 2023

The DirectEd Lions Collection is a collection consisting of 2130 pieces of fantasy world humanoid lions. It has been created to support the fundraising efforts of the [DirectEd Development Foundation]( ( 'DirectEd') - the world’s first charitable organisation founded on Web3 principles of transparency, accountability and decentralisation.

Our [litepaper]( focuses on the Lions Collection - the community aspect of DirectEd's work while our more thorough [whitepaper]( focuses on the programme itself. The minting is happening on our [donation portal]( and is cross-chain (Cardano, Solana, Ethereum). Users will even be able to participate using their credit cards. Official litepaper announcement [Tweet]( and giveaway.

About DirectEd
DirectEd is a UK-based charitable organisation on a mission to deliver evidence-based, highly scalable and cost-effective coding programmes and access stipends to under-resourced high-potential students between high school and university in Africa, preparing them for remote employment by equipping them with the most sought-after digital and soft skills on the market.

By pioneering the use of blockchain technology and decentralised identifiers to facilitate stipends, we enable meaningful transparency, full traceability and accountability at scale.

About the DirectEd Lions Collection

Why Lions?

The Lion is the national animal of both Kenya and Ethiopia. It symbolises strength, courage, and valour. For our students, the lion represents our belief in the leadership potential of our students.

The lion is also a protector and it is in this way we see our supporters. You are someone who has done well in life. You are someone who is now in a position to give back; to lead, inspire and help the next generation.

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