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Launch Date:

April 6, 2023

4444 cute yet deadly werewolves await the full moon 🌕 to celebrate their next delicious feast. 🍖

🎮 MoonLore: Play and die  with our interactive storytelling Survival bot MoonLore ☠🌙, where you can win rewards and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

🏆 Prize Pool Minting Raffle 10 SOL and more prizes (must have played & won MoonLore)

📜New stories and continuous rewards: Experience fresh and exciting stories regularly, with a portion of the royalties going into a daily prize pool for our community to enjoy.

🎨Unique and captivating art: Enjoy the nostalgic 24x24 pixel art style reminiscent of SMB, CryptoPunks, and Thug Birdz.

📦Limited supply: With only 4444 BloodPack NFTs available and with a burn mechanism 🔥, scarcity is guaranteed.

💰Low-risk investment: Mint price at >0.1 makes it accessible for everyone.

📖Immersive narrative: Dive into the unique Lore, quests, and stories for holders.

🤝Ambassador program: Spread the word about BloodPack and earn income from your referrals.

🦸♂️Outlaw vision: Stand out from the crowd with a project that respects and values individuality.

🎯Exclusive 1/1 auctions and airdrops: Gain access to one-of-a-kind auctions and airdrops only for holders.

👑Merch and stickers: Show off your BloodPack pride with exclusive merchandise and stickers.

🏛 Autonomous DAO: Participate in the governance of the project and shape its future by joining the BloodPack Elders.

📚Full IP rights: Use your NFT to launch your brand or collaborate with artists, as you own the intellectual property.

🤖Access to MoonBots: Benefit from a series of bots designed for builders, giving holders the best advantages.

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