Launch Date:

May 25, 2023

A group of interchain explorers on an ongoing mission to chart the furthest corners of the blockchain multiverse. We are a small team of experienced DeFi-Nauts. Our presence on the blockchain has been long and sometimes arduous. We have learned the same lessons in the same ways as many of you. We know the highs, the lows and the outright bottom. We've got paid, and got Rugged. We've held Diamonds, and held bags.

These experiences have taught us much about how to live in Web3. Given us insight into what to watch, and what to watch out for. We are explorers, no different from the rest of you. Which is why you should join us! Anyone can be a DeFi-Naut. Just ensure your suit is patched, your O2 tank is full and your inventory has enough slots to haul back some treasures and let's get to exploring. We set our coordinates for the Aptosverse, engaged the FTL warpgate and here we are, ready to set out on a new adventure. Join us, become an Aptonaut and see where our quest leads.

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